Joe Biden le Nancy pawl cu an nih nuam tak tak cang

President Joe Biden nih heh tiah a uapi mi Build Back Batter cu tlamtling tein House ah cohlan a si cang. House of Representatives pawl nih President Joe Biden’s Build Back Better social spending bill- 220 to 213 cu YES vote in an passed cang Democrat lei pakhat,

Rep. Jared Golden nih Democrat a si ko nain mah bill hi US caah a tha lai lo a ti caah a cohlan lo i Republicans  lei a dirpi hna i NO tiin a vote.

Natein Congress ah Democrat an tam deuh caah mah bill hi tlamtling tein pass a si thiam ko. Mah bill an passed khawh cang caah house ah

Democrat pawl hna an nih nuam tak tak i, a hlei in House Speeaker Nancy pelosi cu a nuam ngai. House press secretary Jen Paski nih a chim ning ahcun, mah bantuk in Congress ah bill tlamtling tein pass a si caah President Biden nih House of Representatives hna cu a lawmpi ngai ti a chim.

White House deputy press secretary Andrew Bates nih Republicans troll a tuah hna i ‘Let’s go Brandon!!!’

tiin Rpublican pawl hna cu troll a tuah hna. Atu cu Build Back Better bill cu Senate ah ceih than ding in kalpi a si lai, Build Back Better bill hi House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy nih

suimilam 8 le minute 32  chung bia chimnak a ngei caah Democrat pawl duh ning tein a caan ah vote thlak khawh a si lo.

Mah bantuk in Buil Back Better bills pass a si mi cu Republican leaders pawl an thinhung ngai ‘Radical legislation bill tam bik mi a si i, inflation an ton lio a si hlei ah US ram chungah gas man a kai tuk cang caah mah bill hi legislation ah pass caan a si ri lo tiin heh tiah an zai ve. Cre-RTK

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